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Acting for Diego, but how?

Acting for education
Madagascar is among the poorest countries in the world and almost all fields are affected by poverty. The Malagasy Education was not spared by this misery even if the have several public schools and high schools. These public schools and colleges that are supposed to educate the Malagasy youth have unfortunately not the equipment needed to carry out their missions. The willingness and patience of the teachers don’t fill the lack of resources which know these institutions. 
Acting for the Education means helping Malagasy institutions to give children the opportunity to become active participants in the transformation of the society in which they live. For this, it is necessary that these institutions have the means to achieve it: the good manuals and technical and IT resources. 
Acting for education, it means also helping Malagasy children in their quest for knowledge by encouraging them to go to school, this can be done by an aid allocation to those who need it most or by distributing school materials and books. 
Education is and must stay a social elevator and vector of development for Madagascar. Acting for education in Diego Suarez (Madagascar) is helping to build: a solid base for Madagascar, a Madagascar stronger and a future generation more competent. 

Action for Youth
When you lived a part of your youth in Madagascar and then you live elsewhere (in Europe or America), you are often shared between two feelings when you think about Madagascar. Firstly, you have the memory of a happy childhood where the original problems, religion and war between neighboring countries don’t exist and secondly you remember from precocious youth left to itself and sometimes barely passes through adolescence and become adults before the legal age. For thousands of young people of Diego Suarez (Madagascar), being young is to confront the harshness of life when they are too young to find a solution; it often means dropping studies for job for the boys and dropping studies because of early pregnancy or sometimes even prostitution for the girls. 
Acting for Youth means giving hope to the youth and show them that other ways exist, like education by classical way (school, college, university), self-learning now made possible through internet, or creating his own business in art, tourism or digital. All this simplified by globalization. 
Thanks to his youth, Diego Suarez can be an example for others Madagascar’s regions but it is necessary to give it the means and desire to arrive there. This can be achieved by awareness campaigns, supplies of learning materials, computers and internet connections to allow them access to global knowledge. 

Acting for the Future
With nearly 65% of literacy rate, Madagascar must do more for the education of his youth to prepare future executives, its future top officials and leaders. It is now time to act if we want to give a better chance to Madagascar in the future. 
Acting for the Future is to act for today's children, giving them the means to influence their futures, giving them responsibility for their choices, understanding them that it is for them to act for the future of their country and placed end to end their choice will chart the future of Diego Suarez (their city) and Madagascar (their country) one day. 
Acting for the Future is helping us accomplish all these tasks or joining the Agir-pour-Diego Association and together we will be stronger.